Falkenherz Connected Mobility

Welcome to COMO.ai, a research & innovation centre for connected mobility.
We research on future mobility solutions and develop ground-breaking technologies for Connected Cars and solve problems of Connected Transportation.

Our first flagship product “FAMS” was created after two years of extensive study and market research, and is now the leading Fleet Management Solution on the market: www.fams-global.com

Our second game-changing product is a "BI Engine", with its proprietary Big Data Aggregation Technology and powerful interactive Dashboard-like Frontend. A dedicated product website is coming soon...

Our third proprietary product is a smart "M2X Gateway" (Machine to Anything), especially designed and developed for Connected Car devices, solving the problem of integrating different hardware models and types into the hardware-agnostic "FAMS" platform. We tested it successfully with over 100k connected M2M tracking devices sending data every 10 sec, on a single server! A dedicated product website is coming soon...

Currently, we are researching on Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning, with the focus on Connected Mobility.
More information coming soon...


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